Friends who are married with kids, do you have this problem?

Chinese have a good culture called “Giving Ang Pow” during the new year, but this culture has given me some headaches especially after having kids.

While attending gathering during Chinese New Year, we parents are happily chatting away with friends, and suddenly my kids come back with 2 Ang Pows. Because it is only nice to “return” Ang Pows, I would have to start asking my daughter who gave her Ang Pow, and give Any Pow back to the “Auntie” or “Uncle”‘s son or daughter. Sometimes my daughter cannot describe the “Auntie” or “Uncle”, and I felt embarassed not able to return the Ang Pow.

The main purpose of this gathering is to allow friends to interact with each other, not so much on giving Ang Pows to kids. As such, we committee have decided to discourage giving Ang Pows during our gathering, so that our friends will have more time to chat and catch up with each other.


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