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I received a call from our old boy Chan Tah Yeow (陈大耀), all the way from Canada. We talked for quite awhile, but the most important question he asked me was, “What is the next project are you all going to undertake for CHHS?”

I told him some of my ideas, and today, I received his email detailing his suggestions for the alumni group. I am truely touched by his thougfulness and actions.

I have enclosed his email, please read through it, and it can be our next project for CHHS.

Dear students,

Spoke with Kwan Leng earlier today and after hearing that he would like to set up a business directory for the alumni group, I would like to offer my thoughts for your consideration. I am sure you have already thought about some of my suggestion below.

1. Set up business directory

The alumni group should also be a platform/venue for networking, in addition to socializing, meeting up old friends and making new friends. Many of our alumni are professionals such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists, web designers and others have set up businesses. I think the idea of a business directory for the alumni group is a great idea as it offers the business owners, our alumni, another way of advertising their products and services. There is nothing wrong with helping our alumni and former classmates to become prosperous and successful.

2. Discounts for products and services

In return, those businesses can consider offering discounts for products and services to members of the alumni group – one of the many benefits of joining the group.

3. Organized “Career Day” and career advice

For some graduating students, they know exactly what they want to do, for others, the thoughts of stepping into the society and the need to fend for themselves can be a scary thoughts – “what’s next? what do I do now? what can I do?” It is my understanding that the alumni group has organized “career talk day” for CHHS students and graduating students. Perhaps the alumni group has already done so – such as in conjuction with CHHS, inviting several former students of different backgrounds to give a talk about their respective professions and what it takes to become successful in the professions. CHHS students or graduating students can go and talk to individuals to learn more about those professions.

4. Set up a College and University Directory

Pooled the resources from alumni, since many of graduated from the local or overseas post secondary educational institutions, to provide some guidance with respect to the colleges and universities entrance and program requirements etc as well as the colleges and universities (pariah schools) that they should avoid.

5. Scholarship fund

Members sending their kids to CHHS may be entitled to apply for scholarships.

6. Job referral

Post jobs (from alumni businesses and/or companies) on the website so that alumni or graduating students get a chance to apply.

Like everything else, it is easy to “talk the talk”, the challenge is how do we “walk the walk”.

If the alumni group can find a way of helping potential members to see the “economic” benefits of joining the group, then, perhaps, they will more incline to join and participate in the activities organized by the group.

Tah yeow


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